Freelancers are individuals providing services either as self-employed or through a Limited company.

If a freelancer is working as self-employed, he will be required to prepare sole trader accounts and file his self-assessment annually. He may be required to pay income tax and Class 2 and Class 4 national insurance depending on his profits.

If a freelancer is working through a limited company, the individual will usually have income in the form of salary, bonus and dividends. He will be required to include all these sources of income in his tax return, and pay tax if any. More and more people are choosing to operate through their own limited company

Whether you are working as a self-employed freelancer or a freelancer company director, we can help you:

  • Prepare your sole trader/company accounts and calculation of your taxable profits
  • Advise on claiming all the legitimate expenses to optimize tax savings
  • Complete your tax return using HMRC approved software
  • Advise you on the tax to be payable to HMRC and when they are due.

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