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Timing :- Mon - Fri : 09:00 - 17:00

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Buy to let accountant

Investing in buy to let property?

Expert Buy To Let Accountants

We are a specialist buy to let accountant based in Surrey. If you are planning to invest in buy to let property or have already owned a buy to let and need help and advice in managing your tax affairs, our team of expert buy to let accountants can help with all your tax compliance and advisory needs.

Specialist Property Tax Advisor

Our expert team of property advisors can help with all aspects of your property taxation compliance and advisory needs. We will advise you on the best structure of your property activity, whether buying the property in your company or personal name. To do this, we will take into account your other sources of income to ensure that you are tax efficient.

Tax Implication for Buy to Let Property Investors

A brief summary of the relevant buy to let taxes:

  •  If you have bought the property in your name, you must submit an annual self assessment tax return and pay any tax due on your rental income. Your taxable rental income would be calculated after deductions of allowable buy to let property expenses from your gross rental income.
  • If you own the property jointly (e.g. with your spouse), you need to consider how the income would be split for tax purposes.
  • You may have to pay stamp duty land tax (SDLT) when you purchase the property, depending on the purchase price of the property.
  • Council tax: Buy-to-let landlords are not generally liable for council tax. The tenants are responsible for paying council tax. However, if the property is a house in multiple occupations (HMO), the buy-to-let landlord is responsible for paying council tax.
  • If the buy to let property is being let a furnished holiday let, the furnished holiday let rules will apply. There are certain tax advantages of letting a buy to let property as furnished holiday let. Please get in touch if you plan to let the property be a furnished holiday so that we expert property tax advisors can help you in more detail on the tax implications.
  • When you sell a buy to let property, there are capital gains tax implications. The current capital gains taxes are 18% for a basic rate taxpayer and 28% for a higher rate taxpayer. A capital gains tax return is required to be submitted within 60 days of the completion date, and any capital gains tax needs to be paid by the same time. If you are planning to sell the property, please get in touch in advance so we can ensure that your capital gains tax is minimised.
First time property investor

If you are a non resident and plan to invest into the UK property market, our expert team of non resident landlord tax specialist can provide you all the tax advice concerning your investment in the UK property market. They will ensure you have been provided with the right guidance to minimise your taxes from the start. They will also ensure that you are complied with all the tax regulations in the UK.

Limited Company vs Personal Investment

Whether you are investing first time in the UK buy to let property market or you are an experienced buy-to-let investor, our team of expert buy to let accountants can guide you on whether you should buy a property through a limited company or in your personal name. We will do a detailed analysis of your existing sources of income and advise you on whether the investment in buy to let should be in your personal name or through a limited company.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are both UK residents and Non Resident investors. They have invested in both residential and commercial properties, and the property portfolio ranges from 1-15 properties. Our expert team of property advisors can help whether you have a single property or a bigger portfolio of 10-15 properties. We can help with your bookkeeping and accounting needs and the annual filing of your tax returns.

How Zahtax Can help with your Buy To Let taxes

At Zahtax, we can provide help and advice with all areas of income and capital gains taxation related to your buy to let properties investment to ensure that you manage your property taxes in an efficient manner.

  • Property tax advice
  • Whether buying a property through a limited company or on a personal name
  • Bookkeeping and accounting service for your property portfolio
  • Access to our GDPR compliant Online Portal
  • Advice on the expenses to be deducted against your rental income
  • Non resident landlord registration
  • Expert support from our property tax advisors
  • Preparation of your annual self assessment tax returns
  • Calculation of your annual tax liability or refund due
  • Submission of your annual self assessment tax return with HMRC approved software


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